Find out if marketers trading in data are happy with it and what data they are using in kam

Find out if marketers who trade in data are satisfied with it and what data they use in campaigns

According to Lotame's survey of U.S. marketers who use or buy consumer data, the most important factor here is the quality of the information they have, not its scale or price.

9 out of 10 marketers surveyed said that potential customer data is valuable to them. The survey also found that:

– 42% of marketers buy gender and age demographics;

– 34% buy geographic data;

– 25% – behavioral; and 3rd party data, or external data;

– 24% – social media influencer data;

– 24% – 2nd party data, i.e. own data coming from a partner (usually a publisher) and made available to an advertiser for a campaign.

Nearly all marketers surveyed (90%) see their contacts' data as very valuable or fairly valuable to their campaigns. Only 10% said it was of little or no value.

When asked what types of demographics they use, marketers indicated:

76% of respondents always or often target their campaigns based on age;

– household income (50%);

– education level (40%);

– number of children (32%).

For 84% of those surveyed, data relevance is a priority. However, only 20% of marketers using demographic data are very confident that it is real. 68% are fairly confident, while 12% have little or no confidence in this area.

The study was conducted on 300 marketers from the United States. The entire report can be downloaded from this page.

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