Burning EAN Codes: benefit for shoppers, profit for retailers

Burnt EAN codes – benefit to customers, profit to retailers

Customers of both large retail chains and smaller stores offering various assortments are more likely to buy and return to them if the store offers discounts. Particularly in larger companies, however, they can become a source of losses, due to dishonest actions of employees, repeatedly using the same code or giving coupons to relatives, not based on the rules of promotion. How to overcome this to attract shoppers and not incur losses?

According to the latest edition of The Global Retail Theft Barometer, up to 33.3 percent of. Losses in Polish retail facilities are caused by their employees. In this respect we exceed the world average by 50 percent.. Various frauds contribute to losses, and one of them is employee fraud related to discount codes intended for customers of stores or services.

Limited control over discounts and promotions is one of the major challenges faced by retailers today who want to use them to generate profits. That is why it is so important to choose pro-consumer solutions, while minimizing the risk of losses for stores. For example, burnt EAN codes are such a solution.

Verify and adjust

The problem that entrepreneurs face is responding to the changing needs of shoppers. Products that are popular today are going down the drain tomorrow. Implementing and promoting a discount action that does not surprise may prove too expensive. When designing activities based on a promotional action covering a given service or product range, and then planning an advertising budget, it is worth taking advantage of solutions that provide an opportunity to study user needs. Quick modification of promotion rules, responding to the interest, or lack thereof, of consumers who shop in our store is an important aspect of choosing appropriate solutions. By offering their customers an application with access to burnt EAN codes, store owners can quickly adapt discount campaigns to real needs. The possibility of testing various options before promoting them widely is a way to ensure the success of the planned action.

Eliminate employee fraud

For a promotion to be effective, it must meet two conditions: give both customers and sellers a real benefit. In the case of the former, it may be a cheaper product or a promotion for selected dishes on the menu, while in the case of a store, it may result in attracting new buyers, real cash inflows and, ultimately, winning regular, returning customers. Burning discount codes give the retailer full control over the promotion. It's also control over the distribution and consumption of the codes, which minimizes fraud by employees. Any number of EAN codes can be assigned to each application user. It is up to the retailer, the nature of the service or product being offered in the promotion, whether these codes are limited in number or time.

POS, PIN, limited coupons and virtual stamps

Code-busting methods can vary. It is again a nod to both the vendors and the consumers who will use them. POS systems do not always allow for integration with external technology, they are often outdated, or there is a non-uniform POS system in a given chain. This is another important aspect facilitating the choice of a solution. If technology allows it, the most basic way to burn codes is to use POS cash registers integrated with the application. But if that's not an option, buyers can use one-time or numerically limited codes that are burned onto a smartphone screen at the time of the transaction (e.g. using a special PIN code). Virtual stamps are also a convenient solution for users. For example: for 9 collected virtual stamps you get a free coffee. The ability to collect virtual stamps in a smartphone application means access to information and promotions on one device and no need to collect more promotional cards that are easy to lose.

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