Cash loans ranking

Cash loans ranking

A cash loan is a quick and effective option for boosting your budget. This is a type of credit, which is paid in full to the borrower. An additional advantage is that the bank providing the cash loan does not require you to specify a specific purpose for which the money will be used.

How to get a cash loan?

Cash loan, which offers you will find on is the easiest type of credit to obtain. You do not have to be afraid of too many formalities. In order to get a cash loan you must be an adult and have creditworthiness, i.e. the ability to repay the loan instalments on time.

Another advantage is creditworthiness, i.e. history of incurred liabilities and timely repayment of instalments. A cash loan can only be obtained by people who are not creditworthy and who have a good credit history. A cash loan is only available to people who are not overly indebted.

The first step the bank will take after receiving a cash loan application is to check the borrower’s information in the BIK (Bureau of Credit Information). It is also worth to check your credit history there yourself. If there are outstanding debts, pay them off as soon as possible.

Then you need to estimate your creditworthiness and professional stability. The greater your creditworthiness, the greater the amount of credit you can take. The professional stability is also important, thanks to it the bank is sure that the borrower will repay the instalments on time.

What you should pay attention to when deciding on a cash loan?

APR – Annual Percentage Rate of Interest – this is the annual cost of credit.

– Interest rate (fixed or variable) – the former does not change during the term of the loan. Variable – depends on Wibor and interest rates. A variable interest rate means that the amount of the installment and the cost of the loan may change during the year.

Installment (fixed or decreasing) – if you choose a loan with decreasing installments, it means that at the beginning you pay back more principal, which makes the installments higher and later they decrease.

– Commission – fee for granting the loan.

– Additional (hidden) fees – e.g. origination fee or application processing fee.

How to find a cheap cash loan?

In order to find the cheapest cash loan it is best to use the free ranking and comparison service available at . This will allow you to easily find the best offers available on the market. A useful device, which is also available online, is a loan calculator, with the help of which you can calculate the amount of the monthly installment or the total cost of credit.

Ranking of cheap cash loans


1. Alior Bank cash loan

Alior Bank’s offer is a promotional offer for new customers. Access to the service is by electronic means only. Just send a completed form and wait for a call from the bank’s employee, who will complete the rest of the formalities.


TOTAL COST: PLN 23 880.57

total interest repaid: 3 180,57 zł

2. City Handlowy – cash loan

Offer dedicated to new customers. The highest amount that can be borrowed is PLN 150000 and the maximum repayment term is 96 months. The bank also offers the possibility of earlier repayment, as well as negotiating interest rates.

monthly installment: 499,92 zł

TOTAL COST: PLN 23,995.94

total interest repaid: 3 195,94 zł

3. Santander Bank – cash loan

The bank declares that all formalities related to the loan can be completed online. Quick payout of money is an additional advantage. In Santander you can borrow a maximum of PLN 300,000 and the repayment period can last up to 120 months.

monthly installment: 509,42 zł

TOTAL COST PLN 24,452.30


4. BNP Paribas – cash loan

The maximum loan amount is PLN 200 000 and the longest repayment period is 120 months. Interest rates can be negotiated and the loan can be repaid early.

monthly installment: 538.47 PLN

TOTAL COST: PLN 25,846.73


5. Bank Millennium – cash loan

It is a loan for any purpose from PLN 1 000 to 150 000. The credit period is up to 108 months. The bank guarantees a quick credit decision and the transfer of funds within one day of completing the formalities.

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