Allegro advertising – find out what opportunities you have

Advertising on Allegro – find out what possibilities you have

The main task of advertising is to reach the potential customer with the offer. Nowadays, the use of e-shopping is increasing, and the popularity of the most popular and largest auction and sales site remains. It is an opportunity to buy something cheaper, to have access to an almost unlimited offer and to quickly compare products and services. Allegro is developing rapidly and offers its customers very interesting solutions that perfectly match their needs, lifestyle and shopping habits. This is a marketplace where it is worth showing up.

1. Get listed on Allegro

2. What forms of advertising on Allegro?

3. How much does it cost?

Appear on Allegro

Several hundred thousand users use Allegro every day. This scale is incomparable to any other sales website in Poland. So it is worth using this potential to reach customers with your offer. Investing in advertising on Allegro is a very good step, especially since the whole process is intuitive and you can also easily get the necessary support.

Paid Allegro advertising is based on a special system that is available on the site. It is a very simple tool that can give really spectacular results. To understand what Allegro Ads is all about, you have to look at how users access the site. First of all they look for a specific product through a search engine. In addition, they can also browse the category trees and thus reach those things that interest them, of course adjusting the search options to their criteria. These people can be addressed with different types of ads. The specific one that will be displayed in the first category is of course dependent on the results of the internal auction. The best ad placements, and thus displays, have offers with the best quality, CPC and CTR.

What forms does advertising on Allegro take??

A potential customer is not interested in what kind of advertisement is displayed on Allegro, but it may be a factor that encourages him to familiarise with the offer or a specific purchase. To make it happen, specialists very precisely choose tools. Classic Allegro Ads involves displaying featured listings at the top of search engine results. Thanks to this, the user will see them first. Apart from that Ads 4 Brands is often used. It is an option for brands that use the services of distributors. Thus companies boost sales of their products at various sellers by using one advertising account. Ads link are ads that direct us to external websites. Most often used by sellers of real estate and vehicles. It is a solution for sellers who want to introduce new products or increase brand recognition. These are attractive banners that are displayed above the search results. The last type is Ads Network. This is Allegro’s advertising network, which gives the possibility of displaying ads also outside the service. Most often this type of promotion appears on Google search or Facebook.

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