Positioning an e-shop on your own is possible Thanks to professional courses so

Independent positioning of an e-shop – it’s possible? With professional odds – yes

Running an online store requires mastering many different skills. One of the areas in which you should have at least a basic understanding is marketing. In promoting an e-commerce store, online activities such as buying Google ads as well as optimization and positioning are of course the most important. These techniques are very effective and at the same time allow you to stand out from the competition at a relatively low cost and increase the ROI of your store.

Positioning and – general – all internet marketing is best left to specialists. Choosing a good agency, you can be sure that the actions will really translate into improving the visibility of your store and thus increasing its income. Such a solution is recommended especially for large stores – especially if they operate in many industries or seek the attention of many thousands of customers. However, when you run a small store, it may be sufficient to promote the store yourself. Of course only if you learn how to do it properly. How to gain this knowledge?

SEO training for e-commerce – learn what SEO for online stores is all about

Running a company in the field of e-commerce involves a skilful selection of techniques in the field of such activities as broadly understood marketing and positioning. Slightly different methods of promoting stationary companies and online stores. It is best to learn how to create and optimize the text layer and conduct advertising activities by taking a professional SEO course. This type of training is worth considering as an investment in high turnover and recognition of your company. The more so, thanks to the knowledge of how to position an online store (provided that you keep it up to date) advertising a store in the future will entail lower expenses.

SEO training – Take care of your store’s position in the organic results as an SEO specialist

As an owner of an online store responsible for its marketing, you should know what a proper SEO strategy looks like and what rules should be followed, among others, while creating the text layer of the website. It is also an important skill to distribute tasks among individual team members and verify the effects of their work. You will gain knowledge of all the issues in this area by ordering a SEO course.

What such training looks like? It mostly depends on who is organizing it. In case of the best companies the classes take place at the store premises. This solution makes it possible for all employees to take part in it, whose job specification requires them to have at least basic SEO skills. The level of training and what issues the SEO specialist will discuss during it depend on the advancement of participants and the business model and related optimal ways of promoting a given company.

E-commerce – SEO training for online store owners. SEO audit in the price of training

What specifically can employees of a company outsourcing SEO course for e-commerce learn?? This type of training is divided into several parts – e.g.:

– Part 1: basic issues related to the operation of Google and its algorithms, how it determines search results, how long it takes to position a store and the most important concepts of SEO;

– Part 2: discussion of key factors affecting visibility in Google: keywords, META tags and headings, among others;

– part 3: a section focusing on keywords: their division, selection, how to build content optimized for them in online stores, anchors, linking and graphics optimization;

– part 4: issues concerning FAQ elements and using the potential of the Direct Answer Box in search results;

– part 5: the most important issues of creating content: its duplication, length, tags or user-generated content (e.g. comments and reviews);

– Part 6: discussion of technical issues such as canonical links, redirects, rules of indexing pages and building friendly addresses. This part of the training also discusses tools to improve your own store’s search engine visibility: Google Search Console, keyword planner, SurferSEO, Google Trends, Ahrefs, etc.

A good SEO training for e-commerce also includes a comprehensive audit for the e-commerce store . Such a solution is associated with many advantages for the store owner. The most important of them is certainly performing a dedicated SEO service in terms of specific business and client needs. During the course you can also learn how to choose an online store platform and other issues important for SEO in the e-commerce industry. It is a very important aspect for e-shop operation, because particular solutions allow to achieve various aims – platform should be ideally adjusted to your business model.

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