SMS marketing or e-mail marketing – what to choose

SMS marketing or e-mail marketing – what to choose?

The most important part of any business is marketing – whether we want it or not. Choosing the right advertising channels determines whether our actions are effective or whether something needs to be improved. While sending e-mails is extremely popular, it is not so much the case with SMS messages. But is it a good approach? What to choose – SMS or e-mail marketing? Or maybe you can use both solutions at the same time?

SMS campaigns

The biggest advantage of SMS is a shockingly high open rate, which is more than 90%. This means that virtually all the messages you send will be read, and your task is only to make the reader curious and persuade him to take advantage of your offer. And the most interesting thing about it is that SMS messages are read within approx. 5 minutes after they are sent.

However, these are not all the advantages. SMS marketing is a highly personalized message that can be tailored to specific audiences: teens, moms, entrepreneurs, and sent automatically at the best times. SMS messages are treated by us as more personal, they are not nosy and pushy – if you send them with a certain frequency.

Companies often use SMS to close sales. Short and concise messages stimulate curiosity and encourage customers to take advantage of your offer.

Email marketing for businesses

Getting an e-mail address is much easier than getting a phone number from a customer – hence the greater popularity of e-mails. You can also send such messages more often, e.g. You can also send such messages more often, e.g. several times a week, and the likelihood that someone will unsubscribe from your list is less likely than in the case of SMS.

But e-mail marketing clogs up our inboxes. Good mailing based campaigns have an open rate of approx. 20%, which looks pretty bad compared to SMS marketing. In addition, poorly chosen subject and content of the message can make it go to spam and no one will see it (unless someone is meticulous and looks in all the tabs of his inbox every day).

But enough about the disadvantages. A good mailing campaign can be really attractive. You will include a lot of information about your offer, promotions or new training. And to this you can add attractive pictures and increase chances of sale, because customers buy with their eyes.

The synergy of SMS and e-mail marketing

In our opinion, this combination works best. In SMS messages you will instantly inform your customers about discount codes or special offers, and in e-mail you will present the details of the offer – for those most interested.

You can also use the reverse mechanism – after sending a mailing, check who has not read the message, and then send them an SMS with e.g. a unique discount code for a limited time.

A combination of SMS and email marketing will come in handy when:

– you inform customers about promotions and send discount codes;

– you send purchase data (in SMS you give basic information, in mail the whole content of the order);

– you decide on a newsletter and want as many people as possible to open your emails;

– you conduct training or webinars (you send an email with the opportunity to sign up and confirm it via SMS);

– you remind your customers of important events (e.g. about a tax payment or a doctor’s appointment).

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