Software house vs. interactive or marketing agency. What is the difference

Software house vs. interactive or marketing agency. What is the difference?

Creating websites can be entrusted to different companies. Their nomenclature, however, is often confused. And this can be a source of great frustration, especially since the activities of marketing agencies, interactive agencies and software house companies overlap in some aspects. Check where to direct your steps to ensure the best results and professional service.

Marketing agency

Marketing agencies have grown out of old advertising agencies. Their activities are focused on achieving the marketing goals of entrepreneurs. They do this through brand promotion. They can do this by creating traditional TV, radio or print ads, or by offering to print promotional materials such as brochures and flyers. At the same time, however, they operate on the Internet. They run profiles on social networks, implement advertising campaigns (e.g. Google Ads or Facebook Ads), publish articles on news portals.

Apart from that, they build the brand image from scratch. They can create a visual identity, prepare a photo shoot or organize a promotional event. This is where they differ from software houses that specialize in software development. Therefore, when you need a marketing strategy, this is the place to look.

Interactive agency

Interactive agencies, often called creative agencies, also address their offer to business audiences. They are definitely more specialized than marketing agencies. With a creative agency you need to associate online marketing, not traditional marketing. They work with specialists in content marketing, online promotional campaigns or website positioning.

Because of their narrower specialization, interactive agencies offer a much wider range of networking opportunities. They can create virals, i.e. materials that entertain Internet users, arouse their curiosity or even protest. Thanks to the fact that they are based on strong emotions, they can easily increase the visibility of your company. A creative agency will also create a new hashtag for you and use it in social media, increasing the number of your potential customers.

As you can see, creative agencies are web experts. If your business is also aimed at Internet users, you may find in this type of company a worthy partner who perfectly understands your needs.

Software house or software company

As you can see, for promotion and marketing strategy it is worth going to the agencies mentioned above. However, the problem arises when you need an application for your business. Stable application. A program that will not disappoint you in the future, and in addition is comfortable to use and simply pleasing to the eye.

By the way, it is not only about mobile applications that can be downloaded from stores like Google Play or App Store. If you want to put on your website the possibility of booking, making a purchase or logging in, you will need a web application. And software is created by programmers, not ad tech. And that is worth sticking to. Why?

It is worth to entrust the application development to a programming company

There are many programming languages. Adjusting your application to a language used by a programmer without much experience is always a road to nowhere. You have to do the exact opposite. Choose the language to suit your needs. And this is what a software house can provide you with.

Technological solutions are not everything, of course. That is why a software company also employs UI and UX specialists, who will take care of the visual aspects and make sure that your application leads the customer by the hand. Do not forget about the testers. They will check each of the designed functionalities. Why? Application users have their own requirements. After all, you don’t want them to be the ones to report mistakes to you while losing trust in your business.

Time to summarize. Where to go for marketing strategy and service? To a marketing agency. Where to target if you operate mainly online? To an interactive agency. Where to get professional programs, including those with a high degree of sophistication? A software house will provide you with them.

You can use the offers of all the companies listed here in parallel. But there is no point in expecting them to handle something that is not within their competence.

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