#paperless solutions speed up marketers’ work

#paperless solutions speed up marketers’ work

The marketing industry is increasingly using a tool that automates tasks, saves time, and lets you focus on creative work. We are talking about a qualified electronic signature, which enables remote signing of documents and contracts with subcontractors in just a few minutes. It significantly increases the efficiency of marketers, but not only.

Qualified electronic signature in 2022 is a part of the business abecadadec, just like mobile banking, video conferencing or corporate VPN. It is currently used by more than 600 thousand. persons in Poland. Has proven to be an effective answer to the challenges of working remotely or in distributed teams. Using e-signature, CEOs, managers, accountants working from home for many months complete their tasks without any problems and time delays.

Remote signing of documents opens the way to deal with official and business matters or conclude contracts remotely, so it is ideal for remote or hybrid work. Taking into account the specificity of a marketing agency and the pace of work, the use of e-signature facilitates meeting deadlines, simplifies the process of concluding agreements with clients and increases sales conversion. Today it is hard to imagine how you could work with piles of paper documents. In the age of e-mail, does anyone still miss the fax? says Łukasz Konikiewicz, CEO of EuroCert, which as one of five companies in Poland has the status of a qualified trust services provider.

Signature for marketers – how to use it?

There are three types of electronic signatures: ordinary, advanced and qualified. Qualified signature is an electronic signature, which alone implies the same legal consequences as a manual signature. According to the EU eIDAS regulation has the same legal force as a handwritten signature in the electronic trading of documents across the European Union.

How a marketer can use the potential of electronic signatures? Let’s start with a model popular in agencies for working with artists, graphic designers or copywriters who live in other cities or abroad. Using electronic document signing it is easy to manage documentation and work in such a dispersed team, because all signatures are submitted digitally and documents are sent electronically.

The human resources or accounting department of a large advertising agency can sign vacation requests, invoices or amendments to contracts with contractors with a few mouse clicks. Everything is done online, which in the case of dozens or hundreds of documents to sign significantly reduces handling time. You can forget about the need to send two copies of contracts for initialing and signing, packing documents and sending them by registered mail or courier. From the perspective of an electronic signature user, all these activities resemble sending a contract by fax or ordering a call through a telephone exchange. Today we live in a different era.

Innovation on a European scale

But what if only one party uses a qualified electronic signature and the contractors don’t have one yet?? The problem is solved by the SIGNIUS Professional platform, which makes it possible to instantly conclude an online contract with a qualified signature by each party. SIGNIUS, in partnership with qualified trust service provider EuroCert, issues a qualified signature to each contracting party – remotely and immediately in the process of signing the first document on the platform.

Confirmation of a signer’s identity is based on certified video verification by a trained professional. On its basis a qualified certificate is issued. The person ordering the documents to be signed can pay for the electronic signatures of their counterparties, which significantly speeds up the closing of the transaction. Then the other party to the contract, e.g. our customer signs the contract remotely and free of charge. All in one short online session.

– We enable documents to be signed instantly with a qualified signature by all parties to an agreement. A user creates an account on the SIGNIUS Professional platform, undergoes a one-time secure and remote identity verification process and can start using it to sign documents online even in a minute – convinces Jack Piekarski, co-founder and VP Sales SIGNIUS.

There is no need for a card and a reader, as in the case of traditional methods. The platform allows the use of interface in Polish, English and German, and the video-verification is also available in Ukrainian and Russian. The platform also allows you to quickly conclude a multi-party agreement when multiple signatures are needed on a single document. In this type of services security is the highest priority.

Paper is passe. Be in the vanguard of change

The benefits of an electronic signature can be looked at more broadly. It not only supports internal processes, but also improves user experience in relations with clients. User experience is not only about a clear website, efficient communication and timely completion of tasks. It’s also a convenient and digital way of sending and signing documentation, contracts and invoices without the need of scanning, printing and mailing. With a large number of documents, their digitalization and electronic circulation and digital archives streamline work. They make it possible to search for necessary data, monitor document status and quickly serve internal and external customers.

– Implementing a paperless policy also means reducing spending on office supplies or physically sending documents by courier or post. Invoices, contracts and other documents can be sent electronically – automatically from the system to the customer, without the need for printing, packing into envelopes and transport. Such developments are not only convenient for companies and their customers, but also demonstrate the responsibility of the company. Each such action reduces the organisation’s carbon footprint. Today, its calculation becomes not only an element of image building, but due to the requirements of the European Union a business necessity – says Łukasz Konikiewicz from EuroCert.

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