Smartphones in the PLN 1000 price segment. Which manufacturers offer the most

Smartphones in the price segment of 1000 zł. Which manufacturers offer the most?

Smartphones entered the market with a big bang as the new, better phones for calling. Such devices are an absolute technological breakthrough in the field of cell phones. Everyone these days uses a cell phone, as it is a reliable way to communicate. If you intend to change your current phone or buy a new smartphone. As you know, the budget is not made of rubber and we have to fit in an amount up to 1000 zł. Smartphones up to PLN 1,000, which are the best?

Xiaomi – the largest selection of smartphones

The largest offer in the price range to 1000 zł is offered by the Chinese brand Xiaomi. Producing a series of smartphones Mi1, won over the audience and fans of its devices. The company is developing at a spectacular pace, coming out on the market with newer and better models of smartphones.

Smartphones – which to choose?

  • up to 300 zł

Up to 300 zł, of course, we can find various types cheap smartphones. However, we should not delude ourselves – we have limited room for maneuver when it comes to choosing. You should know that phones from the cheapest shelf are not of very good quality. The biggest advantage of these low-budget smartphones is that they are good equipment for people who do not have too high expectations from the device. The mobile is to be the first step to face the new technologies.

  • up to 400 zł

In this price range, you can already buy phones with Android and Windows 8 Phone operating system, which ensures the smooth operation of the device. Smartphones to the price of 400 zł have a built-in good quality camera. Camera memory goes up to 16 GB. What is interesting, it is not so easy to unlock a cell phone. We can access the phone the moment our face is recognized by the device. The battery of the phone is extremely efficient – it allows you to use the smartphone up to 2 days! The proposed model of the phone in this price range is Xiaomi Redmi 7A 2/16 GB smartphone. Dragonist online store offers the mentioned smartphone model in different shades.

  • from 500 zł to 600 zł

Smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 8a 2/32 GB Dual Sim is the ideal phone within 500 – 600 zł. Dual sim option allows you to use a card of different operators. The phone impresses with an original design, all thanks to the wave pattern on the back of the device. The casing does a great job of protecting against unwanted fingerprints on your phone. Good image quality guarantees unforgettable memories closed in pictures. Large battery capacity allows you to use the device for a long time.

  • from 800 zł to 1000 zł

Smartphone in the range from 800 zł to 1000 zł is already a really decent high-end equipment. They are very solidly made, moreover, the phones have adequate mechanical strength. An example of a smartphone in this price range is Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 4/64 GB Dual Sim Neptune Blue. The price for such a device is not small, but you have to pay for quality. The mentioned model of the phone will satisfy any user, especially the one who uses advanced features of the device.

The amount of 1000 zł gives us a wide spectrum of choice of the new the low cost smartphone. It all depends on the function of the device. The busy corporate worker will need a phone for just about everything – from making calls to checking email and more. Kid – probably to contact with parents, browse the Internet and play games. Each user needs a completely different camera, and with 1000 zł you can certainly choose something suitable.

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