We have met the salt matter with care, writes Grzegorz Krzemień after winning the MIXX Awards

„We've met the salt matter” – Grzegorz Krzemień writes after winning the MIXX Awards

After so many years of waiting, when everyone lost faith in the "year of mobility", it has just arrived. Mobile marketing is noticed by more and more marketers. They see that mobile is changing the way their target audience behaves.

The cool thing is that this was also reflected in the industry's MIXX Awards. Starting this year, the category "Mobile / apps / tablets" was introduced.

Yesterday we had the pleasure to receive an award in this category. We received two out of three nominations for our projects: "ŠKODA Yeti App" and "The Salt Mine" for the „Wieliczka” Salt Mine;. The app „The Salt Mine” won;. Yesterday's MIXX adds to the collection of awards for this app. So far, the application has been awarded by Google within the CreativeSandbox project and received the "Mobile of the Day" title in theFWA service. We are still working to make the world go crazy about it as much as we do. It seems to be so much easier as the application is available in 6 languages. 🙂

What determines the success of this application?

When creating it we did not compromise on quality

All the graphic, animation and video elements are reaching the limits of the technical possibilities of our devices. Of course, this required a long and painstaking testing phase, during which we had to give up some elements for performance reasons. Waiting for more powerful hardware :), but probably in a while it will be worth downloading updates. "The Salt Mine" shows the beauty of the Wieliczka underground and brings it to mobility. Combined with movies and animations it gives the full charm of this place.

We have carefully studied the salt matter

During the preparation phase, when everything was already strategically and creatively arranged, each of the underground chambers was photographed so that it was possible to create good quality 3d panoramas. Photos had to be processed so that they could be used seamlessly on mobile devices. It was a laborious and demanding work with good equipment. We shot a lot of films from the underground, we spent two days there listening to the stories of the guides in order to more accurately convey the atmosphere of this unique place.

Wide availability

"The Salt Mine" is created for iOS and Android systems, and, what is extremely interesting, it is also available through the website. All this is possible thanks to Adobe Air technology, which allows you to create applications for mobile devices and the Web in one programming approach. A great thing when it comes to saving time, and thus – production costs.

Good team

The project took 5 months and 18 specialists worked on it. Creating such an application so efficiently would rather not be possible without combining many competences in one place.


Grzegorz Krzemień, president of GoldenSubmarine mobile marketing agency

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